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Parenting Support

About Parenting Support

Do you want to learn how to raise confident and healthy kids? The experienced team of therapists at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC, in Gilbert, Arizona, is ready to help with parenting support. The therapy practice uses the Positive Parenting Program® to teach you the skills and strategies you need to raise confident kids and reduce parent stress. Call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Parenting Support Q&A

What is parenting support?

Parenting support is one of the services available at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC. The therapy practice takes a holistic approach to mental well-being, taking care of the entire family. They understand the challenges you face as a parent and offer services to support your efforts.

The team at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC, uses the Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) to help parents. This evidence-based program is designed to provide parents with the skills and strategies they need to build a stronger parent-child bond and help them raise children who believe in themselves. 


Who can benefit from parenting support?

Any parent can benefit from parenting support at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC. The program is designed to help families from all walks of life. 

The goal of the program is to help prevent and manage the behavioral and emotional issues children face. You may benefit from parenting support at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC if you have a family history of mental illness or you’re struggling with a loss or a major transition (divorce). 

Parenting support also supports parents struggling to help or understand a child or teen with problematic behaviors like disobedience, drug use, or a mental health condition. Thrive Counseling Services, LLC also provides therapy for children and teens for additional support, including individual and family therapy. 


What can I expect from parenting support?

The parenting program at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC offers a range of interventions tailored to meet your specific needs as a family. The program offers:

  • In-person education
  • Online courses
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Self-help materials

The focus of parenting support is to help you develop positive parenting techniques like setting realistic expectations, providing consistent discipline, and fostering a positive parent-child relationship. 

The tools and support provided by Thrive Counseling Services, LLC reduce stress, improve your child’s emotional well-being, and promote a healthy and happy family life. 

Parenting is hard for everyone, and getting support benefits you, your child, and your family. Call Thrive Counseling Services, LLC today or click the online booking button to schedule a consultation to learn more about the parenting support program.