Mental Health Counseling located in Gilbert, AZ


Hazel is our beloved facility dog at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC. Hazel, a charming and highly trained companion, joins us through Canine Companions, enriching the therapeutic experience we offer to our clients.

Hazel is a beautiful and affectionate Yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever cross, renowned for her gentle demeanor and innate ability to provide comfort and support. As a facility dog, she brings a unique therapeutic presence to our practice, offering unconditional love and companionship to those seeking solace and healing.

Hazel plays an integral role in the well-being of our clients. With her warm and calming presence, she creates a safe and welcoming atmosphere, instantly putting individuals at ease and building rapport. She has undergone extensive training, enabling her to adeptly detect emotional signals and respond sensitively to the needs of those around her.

We recognize that not everyone finds it easy to express themselves verbally, and this is where Hazel’s presence becomes invaluable. Nonjudgmental and compassionate, she provides a source of comfort, aiding in emotional regulation and reducing anxiety levels. Often, our clients find solace through the simple act of stroking her soft fur, allowing them to channel their emotions and facilitate the therapeutic process.