Grief and Loss

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Grief and Loss

About Grief and Loss

Everyone experiences grief and loss in their own way and overcomes their feelings at their own pace. The therapists at Thrive Counseling Services, LLC understand that it’s hard to know when to reach out for help, but if you feel stuck in grief or haven’t been able to grieve, it’s time to consider grief counseling. If you have questions about grief and loss or want to pursue therapy, call the office in Gilbert, Arizona, or request an in-person or telehealth appointment online today.

Grief and Loss Q&A

How are grief and loss related?

Grief refers to a natural emotional response to loss. The death of family and friends causes deep suffering, but you can grieve for many reasons, including the loss of your job, divorce or separation, and the death of a beloved pet. 

Life transitions also cause feelings of grief and loss. For example, you may move, retire, or become an empty nester. You can also experience grief when you or someone you love gets sick.

When should I seek counseling for grief and loss?

Each person works through grief and loss in their own time. After a few months, others in your life may suggest it’s time to get over it. But their conceptions about grief don’t apply to your individual feelings and needs.

Only you can decide when therapy may help. However, you might want to consider a consultation to get guidance. You may also want to seek counseling if you feel depressed, overwhelmed by your feelings, or stuck and unable to move forward.

Should I be aware of certain types of grief?

You may have two experiences that benefit from counseling:

Intense grief

Intense grief is all-encompassing and unbearably painful. Even after some time has passed, you may constantly think about your loss and still can’t recall happy moments without feeling overwhelming grief. It’s time to seek therapy when intense grief continues indefinitely, interrupts your sleep, or causes thoughts of suicide.

Inability to grieve

Some people can’t cope with the grief. Instead, they push their feelings aside and continue living as if nothing happened. These feelings don’t go away; they stay in your subconscious brain. One day they might rise in an overwhelming and unexpected emotional reaction.

With grief counseling that helps you identify, explore, and deal with your grief and loss, you can prevent emotional and mental health problems.

What should I expect during counseling for grief and loss?

Grief counseling never tries to speed up the grieving process. Your therapist provides guidance and support as you acknowledge your emotions and move through grief at your own pace. They ensure you feel safe as you talk about overwhelming emotions and suggest steps you can take to cope with the pain.

If you’re interested in grief counseling, call Thrive Counseling Services, LLC, or book an appointment online today.