At our group private practice, we are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Hazel, a lovable and highly trained Facility Dog provided by the esteemed Canine Companions organization With her wagging tail, soulful eyes, and gentle nature, Hazel brings an immeasurable amount of joy, comfort, and therapy to our counseling sessions. As a psychotherapist and the owner of this practice, I can confidently say that Hazel has become an invaluable addition to our team, enhancing our clients’ experience and facilitating healing in remarkable ways.

Unconditional Love and Acceptance:

There’s a certain magic in the bond between humans and animals. Hazel offers unconditional love and acceptance, creating a safe space where clients can be their authentic selves without judgment or fear of rejection. This non-judgmental environment allows clients to freely explore their emotions and thoughts, leading to more productive therapy sessions.

Eases Anxiety and Promotes Relaxation:

Many clients come to therapy feeling anxious or stressed, which can hinder their progress. Hazel’s calming presence helps to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation. Research has shown that simply petting a dog can lower cortisol levels and release oxytocin, a hormone that promotes feelings of well-being and bonding. By reducing anxiety, Hazel creates a conducive atmosphere for clients to engage in meaningful therapeutic work.

Enhances Emotional Regulation:

Hazel’s gentle demeanor enables clients to connect with their emotions more effectively. Dogs have been known to have a soothing effect on individuals, promoting emotional regulation and reducing the intensity of distressing emotions. Touching, hugging, or spending time with Hazel can help clients feel grounded and present, fostering emotional stability throughout their counseling sessions.

Builds Trust and Rapport:

Establishing trust and rapport is fundamental in therapy. Hazel’s presence assists in building this therapeutic alliance at an accelerated pace. Clients often feel more at ease when a friendly dog is present, allowing for faster progress in therapy. Hazel’s unassuming and non-threatening nature helps clients feel safer, increasing their ability to open up and share their deepest concerns.

Encourages Communication and Social Connection:

Hazel acts as an icebreaker, especially for clients who experience difficulty expressing themselves. Often, clients find solace in sharing their thoughts and feelings with Hazel before gradually opening up to their therapist. This practice helps clients improve communication skills and build social connections, ultimately fostering personal growth and resilience.
The addition of Hazel, our facility dog, has brought immeasurable joy and healing to our counseling sessions. Her unconditional love, calming presence, and ability to promote emotional regulation have had a tremendous impact on our clients’ therapy experiences. Hazel’s role goes beyond being a therapy dog; she is a valuable member of our team and an integral part of the healing process.
We are so grateful to have Hazel as a part of our practice, witnessing firsthand the incredible benefits she brings to each client she interacts with. As we continue to embrace and promote the symbiotic relationship between humans and animals, we anticipate countless breakthroughs and transformative moments with Hazel by our side.
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