Someone who had a tremendous impact on my life once told me that while we are wounded in relationships, we are also healed in relationships. This reminder has informed my approach in therapy since the day my very first client sat in front of me. It is my hope that the therapeutic relationship we build together imparts just that upon you: restoration from both the wounds which you are altogether too familiar with, as well as those which you may not know are even there. It’s my privilege to provide the space where you can feel comfortable sharing. Together, we can find hope, as it is never truly lost.

I take an eclectic approach to treatment, utilizing a blend of both cognitive and humanistic therapy to address each client’s individual needs.  I have experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, substance abuse, and eating disorders, as well as with couples on concerns of infidelity, communication, conflict resolution, and codependency.  My particular passions lie in working with emotional regulation, boundary implementation and maintenance, and relational attachment injury repairs, and I consider these skill sets to be foundational to the work with all my clients.

In addition to seeing clients in private practice, I have worked alongside the underserved population within corrections for over five years, and was the lead therapist within an inpatient hospital treating those which suffer primarily from borderline personality disorder, co-occurring with self-harm behaviors and suicidal ideation.

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