Hi, I’m Troy, and I have been in the Mental Health field for 15 years as a therapist and as the Director of Outpatient Services at a local nonprofit where I oversaw the operations of integrated care clinics, outpatient clinics, behavioral health after school programs, residential treatment centers and a host of other programs.

As a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist I have worked with countless couples, families, and individuals. My specialty and my passion rests in working with couples, or with individuals about relationships.
I believe that an unhappy or distressed relationship brings about many other issues, including but not limited to feelings of anxiety and sadness, problems at work, behavioral issues in children and unhealthy coping techniques. I also believe that difficulties in any of the areas mentioned very often have a negative effect on our relationship with our partner.

While I do specialize with couples, I am passionate in working with families and individuals as well. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help challenge thoughts and patterns of behavior to help individuals gain a better understanding of behaviors and the motivation behind these behaviors. When working with families, I often introduce systems theory to the family to highlight the roles and behaviors as it pertains to the family at large.

Whatever your current situation, I would be humbled to be given the opportunity to work with you to not only improve your current situation but to help prepare you for your future.

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